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We can assist you with subdividing your property, from the initial scoping and design right through to obtaining the new certificates of title. We will advise what subdivision options are available in the zone your property is located in, help you formulate a subdivision layout that achieves your objectives, prepare a scheme plan and subdivision consent application, recommend and liaise with other consultants if necessary (i.e. ecologists, geotechnical engineers, civil engineers and landscape architects), manage the consent process through Council, undertake the land transfer survey, help you satisfy all of the conditions of the subdivision consent, obtain the necessary approvals from Council and Land Information New Zealand, and liaise with your solicitor to allow the issue of the new certificates of title.

We have wide experience in all types of subdivision including residential subdivision, countryside living subdivisions including the utilisation of transferable titles, subdivisions based on the protection of significant wetland and bush, subdivision based on revegetation and rehabilitation planting, and boundary adjustment subdivisions.


Wetland and Bush Subdivisions

Currently the most common type of subdivision we undertake for our clients in the general rural areas of the former Rodney District are subdivisions creating rural residential lots through the protection of areas of significant native bush and wetlands. We have provided some basic information below on the quality and size of bush and wetland areas that are required to allow you to create a rural residential site.

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Land Use Consents

We are able to assess your proposal and provide you with advice on what resource consents will be required. We can then work with you to maximise the likelihood of obtaining these consents. We are able to prepare consent applications for a range of land use activities including earthworks and sediment control, tree removal, minor household units, infringement of development controls for new buildings, and more complex projects. Once the application has been prepared and submitted to Council, we will manage the consent process, dealing with Council on your behalf to ensure the best outcomes are achieved in a timely and cost effective manner. If your application is publicly notified we are able to manage this process on your behalf, prepare evidence, and appear at the Council Hearing on your behalf.

Once your resource consent has been granted we will review the consent conditions to ensure they are practical and that they are in your best interest.


Boundary Redefinitions

We are able to find and/or replace boundary pegs on your property. We are also able to place new pegs on the line of your boundary at any point you require. A boundary redefinition survey may be required to accurately locate the boundaries of your property for building consent purposes, before erecting fences, or to determine the extent of a parcel of land before sale or purchase.


Topographical Survey

We are able to undertake a survey of your property to accurately locate site features and to determine the land contour. We are able to utilise GPS* technology to ensure maximum efficiency in the collection of this data. The information we collect can be tailored to the specific purpose you require, i.e. for house design, for the construction of new infrastructure such as roads or accessways, for subdivision design, or to allow certification of building works. We are able to supply paper plans, electronic plans, and electronic datasets of the survey data collected.

*Now commonly referred to as GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) to include other constellations of satellites such as the Russian GLONASS satellites.


Civil Engineering Design

We are able to undertake engineering design of civil engineering works such as rights of way, vehicle crossings, earthworks, and sewer and stormwater reticulation. We are able to obtain engineering approval from Council and any other necessary authorities such as the New Zealand Transport Agency (formerly Transit NZ). We are able to provide you with recommendations of contractors in your area, and if required can liaise with these contractors on your behalf. We are also able to supervise the works and certify them on completion.


Construction Set Out, Certification & As Built Survey

From a set of plans we are able to accurately mark on site the position of new buildings or services to facilitate construction. Once the buildings or services are constructed we are able to provide certifications where necessary (i.e. certification for Council that a house has been built in the position shown on the building consent plans), or undertake an as built survey of the new works and provide the plans and electronic datasets required by Council where necessary.


Traffic Management Plans

We have the required STMS qualifications to be able to prepare traffic management plans for our clients. These plans are now required for all works within a road reserve, such as the construction of a vehicle crossing.


PARALLAX will help you achieve your objectives in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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